Sminktetováló klub szakmabelieknek


If you are also a lover of this profession,
if you long for a more beautiful tattoo ...
then here is the goldfish;) In a unique way in the make-up tattoo industry/sector,
the monthly membership-based make-up tattoo CLUB has opened based on its own idea!




Sminktetoválás klub nyitás

During the spring viral period, I help colleagues with free live tattoo demonstrations and educational materials on my own Facebook group. Lots of kind feedback made me think. How can colleagues be given real premium quality instructional videos that are accessible and affordable for everyone, but also pay off a lot of the work and time invested ....?

That's when the thought of the Club popped out of my head. After all, nothing can work better than when colleagues join a professional team where we are united by a passion for our work ?!


The club is actually a website that you can access at any time after registration with your own username and password. You will find 2-3 educational materials each month after you sign up. These are available for about 30 days and can be viewed in any quantity. You don’t have to align with anyone, it’s not tied to a date like a course. And if you couldn’t see something well at first, you can look back again and again.

This comes in very handy e.g. when you would like to repeat it after a job you have done, as many times questions arise while working, dilemmas arise. ("How are you stretched / tattooed in the video?") The themes are thematically structured.

That is, e.g. I’ll show you everything from quick and easy sketching of eyebrows to beautiful powdery workmanship. We talk about the difficulties and their solutions in all areas. In the club, you can see high-quality tattoo instructional videos filmed with a cameraman as close as you would even during a live training session. The recordings are uncut, so you can be sure you see everything! There are no secrets cut out of the video, as I have seen in some webinars in the past.


As you may have already known me, all materials are free from inconsistencies and frills. My club members are enriched with clear information and very valuable knowledge.

The Club is much more valuable than we priced it. For example, you can see an eyebrow tattoo for a fraction of the webinar prices. You don't have to pay 40-60 thousand HUF for a technique and you don't have to worry about whether the educational material is worth the price!

There is no risk, because for 10,500 HUF you can already watch the first videos, which I guarantee will be a turning point for you! If you still don't like the material (which is excluded;), you just don't subscribe to videos in additional areas (there haven't been any yet;)

Because each area consists of several 45-60 minute videos, on the one hand, the educational material is much more comprehensive, detailed, and informative than a webinar. On the other hand, the volume is more accommodating and you can spend time on it much more easily, and you can divide yourself when and how many times you watch.


The first Club group is immediately fully packed and has been operating at full capacity ever since.

Sminktetoválás klub nyitás

After a long time, the gates of the CLUB will reopen.
Due to the virus situation, you can now join until December 20th at a special price!
So for those who register until December 20, the price is 10,500 HUF, and that's how much remains!
The price for all subsequent applicants is HUF 15,000!


Sign up and we’ll send you the link to register in a few days and see how valuable the 200 colleagues who are now members of our team have already gained.


I created the Club specifically for tattoo colleauges. His idea was given by the negative experiences of previous years. Many times I felt that a training did not provide enough for the price. I bought webinars (online educational videos) for tens of thousands of forints that did not show much novelty, were disappointing and I experienced them as a waste of money.

They were too long and by the time I had time to check it out, I already had my neck running out of time and they wouldn’t be available. And I didn't have the opportunity / time to look at them again, although it would have been very important to be able to repeat them so that what I saw really settled down. I also went to get cut videos where I noticed that certain important steps (just the point) were cut out of the video.

Therefore, I created a system where the structure of an area consists of several smaller acceptable platforms. It means you don’t have to sit for 2-3 hours in front of an instructional video but you won’t even see a cut, abbreviated version.

At the Club you get 2-3 videos a month, from a specific area (e.g. powdery eyebrows), in as much detail, imparting knowledge as I’m sure you’ve never experienced before! You can repeat the videos as you don't get them suffocatingly compressed. And after you’ve also tried it out in your salon and had questions while working, you can check out the training video again.

We approve and identify each applicant individually for the CLUB, thus protecting our group from externals. At the same time, we maintain our brand independence, which means that we cannot accept trainers (and their colleagues) as well as distributors! Please respect this even if you only teach occasionally (e.g. only acquaintances). In the Club I hand over my custom-developed technical tricks, it's fair if no other instructor registers!

I am infinitely proud of the Club and for creating something in the makeup tattoo business that is completely unique and innovative. I consider it my mission to make my ideas unique and characteristic of me, because it is very important for me to never copy and that my teachings are of high quality!




If you are interested in the world of makeup tattoos...
if you have already fallen in love with this beautiful profession...
if you want to be a member of a super innovative MAKEUP TATTOO CLUB, you are in the right place!


For the first time in Hungary in the world of make-up tattoos!



I'm Júlia Siklós. Makeup tattoo instructor, formerly cosmetologist practical instructor, owner of BeautySense salon.

You may have already known me from my closed Facebook group which was created specifically for professionals. I try to help the work of my colleagues with live sign-ups, educational videos and useful topics. You have heard from me many times how important it is to be unique. It is also true in the education.

That’s why I wanted to create something completely new, unique, unusual as an instructor. Wich was not yet. Which is my own idea. I wanted to create an accessible, valuable and innovative platform for everyone. Where useful educational videos, knowledge materials and high-quality techniques are available at a professional level.

This is how the idea of the Club was born!


Siklós Júlia





But what is this club membership?
What is it about?
What does it offer?


  Which goes to club members
  • 2-3 knowledge-expanding curriculum every month (professional quality video tutorials, help tips, written documentations)
  • technical information in crisp, extra close quality to see exactly all the secrets, solutions
  • discussing the curriculum for that month in our closed facebook group where you could ask
  • anything discount on future events



  Benefits of the Club
  • you are not tied to a date! According to your own schedule, you can watch the tutorials while you rest in your bed, even at 10pm.
  • Later, after you have done a job on your guest based on what you have learned, you can even watch the videos again, as obviously dilemmas arise while working.
  • You don't have to cancel guests for this reason, reload dates
  • you can find out all the details you didn’t get in your previous trainings
  • you can put an end to your previous disappointments with education in our
  • closed group we take out all the professional questions that still arise you get
  • brand-independent material and pigment tips to get the best results from your healed results you can rewind the video at
  • bármikor visszatekerheted a videót hogy újra megnézz egy számodra hasznos részletet
  • any time to watch a detail useful to you again
  • not only do you get a commonplace instructional video, but I show you all the difficulties, we discuss all the possibilities of mistakes, difficult cases, skin types, etc...



Sminktetoválás tanfolyam


Sminktetoválás tanfolyam


Sminktetoválás tanfolyam

"Juli and I have an old professional acquaintance, and although I am an old biker in the profession, I liked the club very much and made me curious. I became a member right away and I really enjoy watching videos when my time allows, I don’t have to travel for training. The instructional films are detailed, very useful and direct in tone. And in a closed group, members can get an exhaustive answer to any question."

Vida Kata

Kata Vida

"After attending several masterclasses, I can say that Juli's instructor videos reveal a lot of little secrets that other instructors like to hold back! Juli teaches in an incredible and informative way that is a huge and gap-filling help for professionals! Anyone who enters can be sure get information worth gold at the club!"

Goike Anita

Anita Goike

"Juli's educational films greatly support my professional development. The maximalism, the precision with which she designs, tattoos, is very inspiring. Since I am a club member, I have been drawing more beautifully and effectively, I am also more satisfied with the shapes."

Sajben Babett

Babett Sajben

"Well I've loved all since the beginning! I just watched the one of the previous video again because I'll have two eyebrows tomorrow. I love that many tips Juli, I need it soooo!"

Tóth Évi

Évi Tóth

"I really like the videos! Perfect quality, meticulous, accurate, precise your education! Thank you so much learning me!"

Kocsis Rozi

Rozi Kocsis

"The club is very super. I've used quite a few things today and it's been very successful. I could do it faster than usual."

Rigó Nikolett

Nikolett Rigó


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